Washington DC: Day 4.

On Tuesday we split up and a smaller group of us went out to Arlington National Cemetery. We watched the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, which I thought was super cool. The tomb is guarded 24/7, rain or shine, and I just really think it shows so much respect for not just the soldier(s) being guarded, but also for every person that fights for our country. We also visited the grave site of the Kennedy's.  On our way to the metro, we went to see the Marine Corps Memorial, which is so much bigger in real life than I thought it would be. It was incredible.

From there, we made our way to Georgetown for some lunch, and also for some Georgetown Cupcakes! I have never watched DC Cupcakes, but we figured, if the cupcakes are good enough to be on TV then we probably should have some, right? Very right. They were so good, holy cow. James, Candis, Shawn, Brandon, and I explored Georgetown for a little bit longer, then went back to the house to meet up with the parents before meeting Austin and Caroline at the Nationals Baseball game that night. Brandon and I always love a good baseball game, more for the hot dogs and social factor than anything, so it was fun to have the whole family there to enjoy it. It was super hot that night though! I was surprised at the humidity in DC, because I have been to Florida and Georgia in the dead of summer and survived the heat/humidity there, but it was almost unbearable in DC. I don't know why it was so much more humid there than it has been on my many trips to Disney World in July/August, but it was. Early on in the game we moved over a few seats so people could see better, and I just kept thinking, I hope no one has tickets for these seats because they aren't going to want to sit in them after we've been here. Which is super gross, but also reality. 

We got our traditional hot dogs at the game, and even some cotton candy, so it ended up being great despite the heat! They were even handing out little chia heads of one of the players as we walked into the stadium, so we all get the chance to grow some hair for Bryce Harper. And if that doesn't sound magical, then I don't know what does.