33 weeks.

We're actually closing in on 34 weeks, but it has been a while since I posted last!  Life has been crazy busy lately, which we knew was going to happen. Starting the weekend we helped my brother move into his apartment, we had plans every single weekend until October 1st. Now we're two weddings and two baby showers down, and we only have six weeks until the little guy arrives. It's nuts, I tell you. Absolute nuts. 

My best friends threw me the cutest Classic Mickey themed shower two weekends ago (pictures to come) and it was so fun! We played games, ate some tasty snacks, and most importantly, had girl time and were able to talk without all the guys there! It really was so fun; they are the best! Then, this last Friday, my mom threw me a baby shower in Boise! Even though it wasn't really cold outside, it was sort of fall themed, with woodland animals and soup and caramel apples. It wasn't structured like a traditional shower, so we didn't play games, and it wasn't just for the ladies, which was a nice change! There were a few activities, like advice cards for me and Brandon, and well wishes for the babe, but mostly it was nice to sit and talk to people I hadn't seen for a while. It was nice to just be in Boise for a while and have family time, too. We had the shower, did some shopping, saw my brother and wife's new place, and just kind of relaxed. Adrian came home from Logan for the weekend too, so it was good to have the whole family together! 

This Friday, the Robbins side of the family is throwing me a shower! My parents are also coming to Logan on Friday, so we can go to the homecoming game on Saturday. It's going to be another busy weekend! But we are looking forward to more family time before we have to hole up for the winter. 

Nothing too exciting is happening pregnancy-wise. I have this upper back pain that sets in between noon and two every day and won't go away until I'm laying down, but thankfully Caroline got me this body pillow that I have just started carrying around the house with me when I'm home. All I want to eat lately is half-baked Ben and Jerry's, but I'm trying really hard to not eat only that. It's lame. Also, lately I just feel like a turtle stuck on its back; it's getting harder and harder to sit up on my own haha. People keep asking how I'm feeling, and honestly I'm feeling pretty good still! I've starting to panic a little bit when I think about how close we are getting to November 2nd, because how the heck am I supposed to take care of a baby? Who decided that trusting me with a kid was a good idea?! What if I'm a bad mom?!?!?!?!? But for now, I'll just let Ben and Jerry comfort me through my worries. And my giant pillow.