Hudson's First Christmas

Okay it hasn’t been a month, but it has still been a long time since I’ve blogged. Longer than I intended. Sorry!

But guys, the holiday season was so magical with Hudson here. Christmas makes me cry at least once a day, and having Hudson here just amplified that. Everything was so fun with him here. He was so intrigued with the trees and the lights. Actually, he would just yell at the lights haha. He was so excited. There were a few houses on our street with lights on them that we could see from the windows in the loft, and we’d stand up there at night so he could see them. It was so much fun. There was one day that he was randomly terrified of the tree…we were taking pictures and every time he saw the tree he would start to pout and then turn into me to hide. It was sad, but I kind of loved it haha. He still loves to snuggle, and any reason for the snuggles are good for me.

We stayed home for Christmas this year and enjoyed the day in our new house. Hudson slept until about 7:30 Christmas morning, then we got up and opened his presents before he was ready to go back down for a nap. He was so spoiled!! He got books, clothes, toys, and even a fun teepee for the loft! Honestly, he was more interested in the tissue paper than he was the presents, but he still seemed to enjoy the day! Brandon and I got lots of fun things too. Lots of things for the house! That night during dinner, it seemed to set in that we are really adults. Seven years of marriage and a few kids in, you’d think we would have felt like adults for a while, but being in this house has made it feel more real.

The house has been so good to us though! I think we are finally feeling settled, and the house has been clean for longer than an hour at a time, which is nice. Between Christmas and Amazon Prime, we’ve had so many boxes going in and out of our house, it has been nuts. We also got a rug for the living room that was shedding like crazy, but I think all the loose pieces are finally gone! It feels like home in here. And we haven’t minded the snow we got in the last week. Any excuse to stay inside with the fireplace on is fine by us.

We had waited a while to have a baby at home for Christmas, and it was everything I could have hoped for. I can hardly wait for next year!