One Month With Hudson

I realized as I was typing this that I just posted our newborn photos a week ago, and now here we are, sharing Hudson's one month photos! He is currently sleeping on my chest, and as I look down at him I have no idea how he ever fit inside my tummy. He's still so small, but he has grown so much! His little cheeks have filled out, and his thighs are starting to get chunkier too. He also finally has a little tummy. I'll never say I want him to stop growing, but I know I'm going to miss this stage when it's over.

We finally transitioned him out of preemie clothes on Sunday. His preemie pajamas stopped fitting a few days before, but we finally had to give in and have him start wearing newborn clothes. His head got too big for the hole in the preemie clothes haha. The onesies are still a little big, and some pants don't fit him yet either, but for the most part everything fits really well. He just still is so tiny!

One thing I haven't documented yet is the nicknames we have for him. Brandon asked me last week if I had mentioned them, and even though they won't always be his nicknames, they are used frequently now! From the day he was born we have called him tiny baby, because he's so small. He makes the grumpiest faces sometimes, so we call him grumpy gus a lot. We also call him tiny monster because he is SO LOUD sometimes. He grunts and yells when he stretches, and he yells when he's eating too. My favorite noise he makes though is just a loud coo/sigh. I feel like it's the only time we hear his real voice, all the other times he's just crying or grunting. Seriously anytime he makes this noise, no matter where I am in the house, I just melt when I hear it. It's so cute!

He is finally starting to sleep a little better. Not great still, but he's starting to not have so much awake time at night. He'll wake up to eat, then goes back to sleep. Not for long, but it's a start! He really only likes to sleep on his stomach on our chests, which is fine by me! During the day anyway.

He also has started to be more interactive. He'll grab our hands or shirts or faces when he hold him, and he makes eye contact for a long time. I can tell when he just wants to be held versus when he needs something else because he'll hold his arms up toward me when I hover over him.

I feel like I'm not doing him justice in this post, but he really is so perfect and precious. Every day I am just so dang grateful that he's here and safe. We are having so much fun with him! He has fit in so well, and we love him so much. It has been really fun to watch Brandon with him. My back was hurting pretty bad until recently, so Brandon spent a lot of time taking care of Hudson. They have really bonded, and it's the cutest thing to watch. When I was pregnant, Hudson would move a lot when he heard Brandon's voice, so I knew he would be the favorite.

The last month has been kind of a blur. The days go slowly but the weeks have flown by. We can't believe it has already been a month, and are looking forward to watching him continue to grow!