Maternity Photos

I am SO excited to share these pictures with you!! We got them taken the Sunday of Memorial Weekend and weren't sure if we were going to get them back before Hudson came, but we did! Sugar Rush Photography did such an incredible job, and I highly recommend them to anyone in and out of the Salt Lake Valley!

When we were pregnant with Carter, Brandon's aunt took maternity photos for us, but we didn't really get to share them as much as we wanted to. We lost him not long after we got them back. But there was never a doubt in my mind that I wanted to have maternity pictures taken again this pregnancy. For a little while I wondered if it would be hard to take the pictures, because we are missing some family members, but I told myself that even if it was hard, we had to do it. I'd rather have the pictures and never look at them than not have them and wish we did. Luckily, it wasn't hard to get them done. We got to include Carter and little bean, and overall just document this happy time in our lives.  

We can't wait to take pictures with Hudson outside my tummy, but shout out to Sugar Rush for making us look good while he's in there!!

Caitlin  Maternity-0054.jpg
Caitlin  Maternity-0001.jpg
Caitlin  Maternity-0028.jpg
Caitlin  Maternity-0044.jpg
Caitlin  Maternity-0008.jpg
Caitlin  Maternity-0041.jpg
Caitlin  Maternity-0009.jpg
Caitlin  Maternity-0013.jpg
Caitlin  Maternity-0018.jpg
Caitlin  Maternity-0027.jpg
Caitlin  Maternity-0045.jpg
Caitlin  Maternity-0010.jpg
Caitlin  Maternity-0046.jpg
Caitlin  Maternity-0048.jpg
Caitlin  Maternity-0060.jpg
Caitlin  Maternity-0069.jpg
Caitlin  Maternity-0072.jpg