A Little Life Update

Between appointments, resting, editing videos, and running errands, sometimes it's hard to find time to sit down and just blog. So it has been a while since I've posted anything besides a bumpdate or one of my weekly lists! It's hard though, since this pregnancy is basically the only thing I can ever think about! Brandon always tries to talk to me about other things and it's so hard to focus haha. I just want to talk about the nursery and delivery and all things baby related! 

Our long weekend was so nice. Brandon got off work a little early on Friday and we redecorated the nursery, then Saturday we went to Logan to visit the babies. It was a really nice day so we went and walked around campus for a little bit too before going home. Sunday was really rainy and dreary for most of the day, so we hung out at home until going to have maternity pictures taken that night! On Monday my cousin and her husband came down for a little bit, so we went baby shopping! That was the first time I had been into a baby store since we lost Carter, and it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. It was actually really fun. I've said it in all the recent bumpdates, but I am so excited for Hudson to be here. I don't want to wait anymore!

I'm starting to feel really fat and lazy lately. We go on a lot of walks, but I just feel too exhausted most of the time. Going to Walmart by myself wears me out haha. Sometimes I feel like I shouldn't have quit my job, but it has been so nice to just rest when I need to. Being home has also let me be more aware of Hudson's movement, which has been great for my anxiety. I can lay down and wait for him to move throughout the day, and really pay attention to his movement.

On Saturday I will be 34 weeks and 4 days pregnant. At the same point in my pregnancy with Carter, I noticed that I hadn't felt him move all day. I'm hopeful that when Saturday gets here, Hudson will be over active all day long so we don't even have to worry about feeling for him to move. The closer we get to 39 weeks, the more anxious I feel, but we are doing everything we can to make sure he is safe!

When I sat down to write this post, I was hoping to include things that weren't baby-related, but there really isn't much haha. That really is my whole focus right now! We are both getting so excited for him to be here, especially Brandon, because he get a few months off for paternity leave and gets to be home with us all summer! It's going to be so much fun to have a ton of family time before Brandon has to go back to work.

That's really it for now! I was hoping it would be a more exciting post so...sorry!