We Bought a House!

Most of the people that read this blog are friends with me on Facebook and may have already figured this out, but we are moving!! We are still staying in Utah, just moving about ten minutes away from where we currently are, but we are so excited! Our time in our townhome has been great, but we are moving to a house with a little more space, a yard, and a DRIVEWAY! Who would have thought that a driveway would be such a big deal. I guess that means I am really an adult now.

We looked at the model home for this neighborhood about two and a half months ago, and instantly fell in love with the floorplan. They had two available for purchase at the time: one with a two car garage, and one with a two car garage plus a little extension on the side. I would have been so happy with the one with the extension, but Brandon really wanted a three car garage, so we decided to wait. The next weekend, that house was sold, and just as I was coming to terms with it, Brandon said “we should have bought the one with the extension.” So then we were both sad haha.

Fast forward to my parents being here for Carter’s birthday. We decided to take them up to look through the model, and as we were talking to the seller about the possibility of that floorplan with a three car garage, he mentioned that the buyer had backed out of the home with the extension. As we talked with him a little more, we decided that the house with the extension would be a better fit for us financially. I know that having a three car garage would be amazing, but Brandon doesn’t need an excuse to buy another car. Or a motorcycle. Or literally anything else to go in that space haha. We spent that weekend rushing to get paperwork done, and to get our house cleaned and pictures taken to put it on the market. It went on the market Monday afternoon, the seller accepted our offer Tuesday morning, and we had an offer on our house Saturday morning. Within a week we were under contract on both houses.

It’s kind of crazy to think that we are moving again, because we haven’t even been in our townhome for three years, but we felt like it was the right time. A lot has happened in our time here, and there are so many memories attached to this home, but it will be good to move and make memories in a a new home. We are closing mid-December, and honestly I can’t wait to spend Christmas in our new house. Our Christmas tree will be the first thing going up! I’m not super great with change, so I’m sure there will be a lot of tears as we pack and leave the townhome, but we are really looking forward to the new house! I will do my best to keep you guys posted!