Our Boy Has a Name!


I mentioned it yesterday in my bumpdate, but our little man has a name!! We have been talking about names a little bit since we found out the gender, but really we have been talking about names for the last three years. When we started trying to get pregnant the first time, we talked about names so much that we basically had our whole family named before we even were pregnant. We had two boy names and two girl names.

When we found out that Carter was a boy, Brandon liked one of our names the most, and I liked the other. But throughout the pregnancy, I tried the name Carter multiple times, but only when Brandon wasn't around. I didn't want him to realize that he was starting to win the name game. I called him Carter baby, and talked to him frequently using that name.On the drive to the hospital after we'd found out we had lost him, I told Brandon that I wanted his name to be Carter, because that had been his name the whole time.

In the two times we've been pregnant since Carter, we discussed names again, but our other favorite never really changed. When we found out we were pregnant this time, I already knew which name we liked, but I felt like it was too soon to decide. But we were talking the other day, and we both decided that we probably aren't going to change our minds, because we've liked the same name for so long. 

Drum roll please.

Little man's name is Hudson!

We will share his middle name at some point in the future, but we are excited to share a little bit more of his identity with you! We love that he has a name, especially this week, because he can finally hear, so he'll be able to hear us using his name! We are so excited about every aspect of this little guy's life!!