I promise to get some new content out soon (in all honesty, it will probably be a Disney post), but I just wanted say a quick thank you for all the support we've received since launching Flying for Time yesterday! We've already sold out of ALL necklaces!!! For those of you that are on backorder, I promise we'll get them out as soon as possible!  But we have more coming of every variety, and we just placed another order for another option that I'm really excited about. 

Not only does this project give us a place to direct our energy, but it also gives us a chance to send a little piece of our boy to people across the world. I have no doubt that, every time they look at their necklace, they will think of Carter, little bean, and all the other babies that were taken too soon. But most importantly, we are helping other families that will be handed this difficult time, and we're doing that with your help.

Thank you so much for your continued support! A friend of ours said "I'm so happy to see your project 'taking off (airplane pun).'" It was hilarious, but so true! We are so excited to see how quickly we can donate one CuddleCot. We hope we are making our boy proud as we share his story and our love for him. You guys are the best! Thank you!!

PS: There's a special little thank you video on the vlog today. Check it out our channel here.