To settle the confusion...

If you've been following the blog and are a little confused about anything, I'm here to clear it up for you. We found out we were pregnant with Little Bean on March 8th. That day, I started writing to her, and tried to write to her a couple times a week. We found out we had lost her on May 15th. I am not currently pregnant. The vacation that was referred to in yesterday's post was our trip to Amsterdam back in April.

I had planned to share all these bumpdates after we announced our pregnancy, and felt no reason not to share them after we lost her. I know a couple people have been confused, but we are not currently pregnant. Trust me, when we are, you will definitely know. This is just a short little post, but I wanted to catch everyone up. So to recap: the bumpdates and posts that keep coming are only about little bean and our pregnancy that ended May 15th. There are only five more weeks of journals to little bean that I will be publishing, so after that, maybe it won't be so confusing.

Thank you for being a part of this journey with us, and thank you for all the kind words you guys send!