A quick weekend in Boise.

I had a whole nice post typed up, and then the page crashed and I'm too lazy to type it all again, so here's the quick version:

We went to Boise for the weekend and really had a great time! We went to a wedding for one of my cheer babies (really. I was getting so emotional seeing her all grown up, even though she's only a year younger than I am), drove by our old house (which we miss a ton, turns out), and went to a baby shower on Saturday. The guys went shooting while us girls went to the shower, but stopped by toward the end. We did a big family dinner that night with all 12 of us that were there (parents, me & Brandon, brothers & s.o.'s, grandma, aunt, cousin & her husband. Later that night we played Bean Bazzled, a risky jelly bean game where one color could have one of two flavors. Good flavors include lime, tutti frutti, pear, caramel corn, and others, while bad flavors were stinky socks, dog food, spoiled milk, rotten eggs, vomit, booger and a few others. It was the worst, but it was some good family bonding time! Then Brandon and I had even more bonding time when we were stuck on the freeway coming home on Sunday due to a rollover. But really I just wanted to share these pictures, because I'm feeling really grateful for my family, and also because they are a good looking bunch. You're welcome.


And Brandon looking like a model while we wait for traffic to move.