Hi Little Bean: March 23, 2017

Today I would have been 18 weeks pregnant. Three more days and we would have been halfway through this pregnancy.

March 23, 2017

Hi baby bean! We got to see you again yesterday at our doctor’s appointment! They didn’t realize that we’d had an ultrasound last week, and they wanted to measure you. It was a super quick ultrasound, but you measured at six weeks again. I’m sure everything is fine, but I’m not going to lie to you, I’m nervous. I haven’t said anything to your dad, because the doctor said he would have measured you a little bigger than the tech did, but still. We’ll go back in for another ultrasound on Wednesday next week and make sure that you are still growing like you should be. And once we get that ultrasound done, I’m hoping maybe we can get another one when we go back for our next appointment. I just want to see you all the time and check your health! Plus, it makes my day just to see you.

There hasn’t been much going on around here. We told all your grandparents about you over the weekend. We told grandma and grandpa Robbins on Saturday when we were in Logan visiting your brother, and then we told grandma and grandpa Quast on Sunday. Dad and I are going to Idaho Falls this weekend to see grandma and grandpa Quast, but we aren’t going to share our news about you for another six weeks or so. We want to make sure you are safe! 

I’m telling my friends about you tonight, though, and I am so excited. I put one of your ultrasounds in a big box, and each friend gets to open a box. The boxes are clothes boxes, so they’ll be surprised when they open it and find just a little picture inside! I’m hoping at least one of them cries haha. We told Adrian about you on Tuesday when he and Tiffanie stopped to spend the night. He seemed pretty excited, but he didn’t cry like I was hoping he would. So hopefully my friends pull through for me haha.

Today has been a weird day, little bean. The doctor told us yesterday that we could be induced at 37 weeks, which is super great. That means you will be born 51 weeks after your brother. But I’m having a hard time figuring out how we’re going to celebrate him, but also keep you safe from flu season and germs and all the people. We could have a party at home, but then I feel like we need to go up and see him. But if we go up to see him, I feel like all these people will want to see you, and I want to make sure you don’t get sick. And to be honest, I don’t really know that I’m going to want to share you with people for a while. I want to be selfish and keep you at home with me and daddy for the whole six weeks he’ll have off. Six weeks though, isn’t that crazy awesome? We’re going to have so much fun, the three of us!

I sure love you. Stay safe and healthy in there. I can’t wait to see you on the ultrasound again next week!

 How far along? : Seven weeks, even though the ultrasound measured you at six again
Baby is the size of: a blueberry!
Total weight gain/loss: No idea.
Sleep: Still sleeping super well. I’m tired all the time, but I know I’m only going to get more tired as the weeks go on!
Best moment this week: Seeing you on the ultrasound again, and having the doctor confirm that we can deliver you early.
Movement: None
Symptoms: Less cramping this week, but still some. More nausea, but still haven’t puked, sore back (and other things), and so many hormones.
Food cravings: One night this week I wanted this pasta dish that Brandon’s mom made for us after we lost Carter. I don’t know why I wanted it so bad, but I had to have it! And Nutella, but that’s probably just because we had waffles the other day.
Food aversions: The break room down the hall has a coffee pot in it that is going all day. I have to stand in the hallway while my food heats up because the coffee smell is too much.
What I miss: Carter. I want to have both my babies at home.
What I am looking forward to: Another ultrasound next week, and getting out of the first trimester.