Nursery reveal.

A year ago this week, we set up the crib and dresser in Carter's room. We ordered some art for the walls, and hung up curtains that were the perfect shade of blue. I realized right after we lost him that I never shared pictures of his room. As we started thinking about a nursery for our little girl, I kind of had anxiety about redoing the nursery. The nursery has been my sanctuary since we lost him, and once that room changes, where would I go when I need to grieve? Unluckily, the nursery is still not changing for at least nine months. But I thought I should share pictures. It's pretty simple, but it's the most put together room in the house, besides the two picture frames that hold someone else's photos (and a baby, that one kills me). We have spent so much time in the nursery that it's honestly my very favorite room. I never would have imagined that it would sit empty for as long as it has, but I'm glad we have the space to honor our babies.


The changing pad used to sit on top of the dresser, covered with a gray background and white clouds. We put it away to make space for these boxes that hold special things for our babies.

When we are able to redo the nursery for another baby, I plan to move Brandon's drawing for Carter to a wall in our bedroom.