The snow is gone!

The sun was out for about four hours on Saturday, and it was glorious! We drove up to Logan early that morning to see our boy, and were able to have some time in the sun with him. The snow is finally all melted, which is crazy, because when we went three weeks ago, it was snowing heavily and was freezing. It was nice to not feel like we needed to run back to the car after just a few minutes. My parents had taken Carter a couple little cars the night we buried him, and the white one had been missing since winter started, but we found it! I was so happy. The kid seriously has quite the collection of cars and trinkets from people that love him.

Yesterday was the perfect Sunday. We slept in, had cinnamon rolls for breakfast, did some birthday shopping for family, then lounged for the entire rest of the day. It was supposed to be warm outside, but it was cloudy and kind of windy, so we just left the windows open and enjoyed the decent weather from the inside. We got a little nap in, had some great chats with family, and snuggled with the kitties. 

Brandon had to work for a little bit when we got home from Logan on Saturday, so I took the opportunity to hang out in the nursery for a bit. We have this little newborn fire truck sleeper that was one of the first things we bought for Carter, and I love to sit on the floor and just feel it in my hands. All his clothes were washed and ready to be worn, so even though he isn't wearing it, I feel like it still has that newborn smell. Milo loves to be in the nursery (I think he thinks it's his room) but he loves to rub his face on the outfit. And then he tries to pull open the dresser drawers so he can lay on the clothes. I know it's just a thing cats do, but I like to think that he does it because he loves his human brother. When I was trying to keep Milo out of the drawers, I found an airplane onesie that I'd forgotten we had, too. It is a three month outfit, so it wouldn't have fit him for a long time, but it is one of the many outfits that will be pulled out and put into a special Carter bin next time we anticipate bringing a little boy home. There are lots of little things that will be going into that bin.

It was a great weekend, overall. I've really been missing Carter so much lately, so it was nice to go see him and catch him up on everything that's happening in our lives. 

Hope everyone had a nice, relaxing weekend!