Just mouth things.

I have another emotional post written up and ready to go, but I thought I'd spare you and save it for next week. You're very welcome!

A couple things are on my mind as we round off this week. First, I've had a huge influx of followers on Instagram this week. If any of you newcomers are reading this post, thank you for being here! Thank you for reading our story and getting to know our boy, and thank you for all your kind comments. I'm happy our story is reaching people, and am especially happy (I guess?) to connect with other angel moms in the world. What a sucky club to be a part of, but I'm thankful we have each other to lean on and talk to.

Secondly, Brandon has been a saint this week. While I was in Vegas, he cleaned the house, got the oil changed in the cars, washed and vacuumed both cars, and even worked on a little DIY project that technically was supposed to be mine to do (but I'm honestly so grateful I didn't have to do it haha). On top of all that, I was sick on Tuesday, and he stayed home with me all day. He's just so wonderful. Everyone should have a Brandon of sorts.

Third and finally, I have to have a small procedure done on my gums today. Seriously, so small; like ten minutes at the most. I'm trying so hard not to stress, but stress is basically my middle name, so that's how that's going. I just plan to have ice cream for dinner and sleep from the time I get home until tomorrow morning. So most likely I'll be up at three haha. Also! I pre-ordered Moana through the Disney Movie Club and have been waiting somewhat patiently for it all week, so I'm hoping it's waiting for us when we get home!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!