Godfather's for my father.

Honestly I'm just really sorry about the title. Sometimes I think I'm way funnier than I actually am.

My family came down to visit this past weekend! My parents, brothers, and their respective ladies all made the drive down just to spend time with us! It was so nice to have everyone here, especially since half of them hadn't been down before. It's also just really nice that we have the room for everyone. But anyway.

Friday was my dad's birthday, so we took him to the new Godfather's in South Jordan. He used to work at Godfather's in Idaho Falls, and it is his favorite pizza place, so we was stoked to hear one was opening down here. The pizza was sooo good. Brandon and I can't stop talking about the Chicken Bacon Ranch, and I have a feeling we'll be going back pretty soon. The best part was that the staff came and sang Happy Birthday, even though they don't technically do anything for birthdays. My brother asked, and they just agreed because they are so great. We all stuffed ourselves so full that we couldn't even do cake and ice cream when we got home.

On Saturday we went to the aquarium! The oldest of my two brothers loves all things that live in the water (or at least the ones he can buy and keep in a tank, which is a lot of things, turns out) and it was fun to hear him rattle off all his water creature knowledge. Honestly, going with my two grown brothers was like going with children; they were so excited. After the aquarium we went to Ikea because why not. We started our journey off with some snacks (pizza, froyo, and hot dogs), and made our way through the store. This was the third time I had been to Ikea in about two months, and I found some pretty good things this time! My mom kept complimenting my decorating game all weekend, so I felt like freaking Joanna Gaines walking through that store. Maybe sometime I'll post pictures of some of the things we've done with our house. I don't feel like it's all that impressive, but my mom likes it, and moms never tell you they like something just because that is their job. That night we finally did cake and ice cream and played a couple rounds of Sushi Go before crawling off to bed.

Sunday morning went by way too quickly. We had breakfast, and then everyone packed up to leave. The siblings all left and headed straight home, but my parents wanted to go see Carter, so we drove up to Logan with them and hung out with our boy for about half an hour. We took him a bunch of flowers for Valentine's Day, and replaced the stake on one of his solar lights. It was nice to take my parents, and this was their first time being back after his funeral service, so they were able to see his headstone!

All in all, it was a really good weekend. My brother and his wife brought their dog, and it was so fun to watch her with the cats. She is a bigger dog than the cats have ever been around, but is super calm, so the cats weren't quite sure what to think of her. Every time the cats would get brave enough to go close to Maebe we all got so excited. Sometimes I don't really know what we would do for entertainment if we didn't have the cats haha.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!