Feeling the Holiday Spirit

I'm not sure what it is, but lately I have been feeling so joyful and thankful for literally everything (well, with the exception of some neighborhood drama, but that's a story for a different time). These feelings are exactly why I love the holiday season so much. The hustle and bustle, if done correctly, can be more beautiful than crazy. I talked about it on the vlog on Monday, but we had to do a few different transactions at Walmart on Saturday, and when I apologized to the family behind us, they were so understanding and kind. Then, as we were leaving, they told us Merry Christmas and I wanted to cry. I love the kindness that is in people's hearts this time of year.

It also probably helps that Brandon and I have been spending a lot of time over the last few weeks being cozy inside. We make dinner together, bake cookies, and watch a lot of Hallmark Christmas movies together with the fireplace on and the tree lights twinkling. For a long time, we had somewhere to go every other weekend, and were constantly out of town, but the only time we've been out of town since Thanksgiving was for the CuddleCot donation, and that was just for a few hours. It has been really nice to stay home and actually live in our home, not just sleep there.

Prepping for Christmas has been so fun for us this year. We love shopping for our families, because it allows us to pick something that will be special for that specific person. I obviously don't want to say too much, just in case people read this, but I am really excited to give our gifts this year.

We have also been incredibly touched by the amount of support we've received since donating the first CuddleCot. A story was posted in the Logan paper the day after the donation, and then suddenly, a week later, it was picked up by the associated press and was everywhere. On Monday, I got an email from a women that writes for the Today Show's website asking if we could do a phone interview sometime. We spoke with her yesterday morning (you can read the article here), and I was on a high from it all day. After we hung out with her, I couldn't stop looking at Brandon and just marveling at how wonderful he is, and how lucky I am that I get to do all this with him. Together, we have our perfect babies, and we have been able to do something incredible for other parents like ourselves. Obviously, we would both rather have our babies than be doing everything we are doing, but I am still so humbled each day by all the beautiful things that have come from our tragedy. I'm grateful that he has been by my side through it it.

All of these things above, in addition to the facts that I have the best husband and am the lucky mom of our sweet babies, have my heart overflowing. I don't even really know how else to end this blog, other than by saying that, despite the hardships we've been handed, I am extremely grateful for this life I've been given.

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