CuddleCot Update

You guys, this CuddleCot project has been killing me lately.

Remember when I posted that the donor at Riverton Hospital had fallen through, so we were going to be able to donate our CuddleCot to them? Well the hospital got their wires crossed, and the donation had not actually fallen through. The labor and delivery manager said that when she got the call that the donation was scheduled for October 26, she thought it was ours, since she had been told the other person wasn't going to work out. So we found out on Carter's birthday that someone had donated a CudldleCot the day before, the same day we had wanted to make our donation.

Riverton said they would gladly accept another CuddleCot, but Brandon and I would rather each hospital have one before we start doubling up. Our next choice was Logan Regional Hospital, since Carter is buried in Logan, but I have called those people two or three times in the last three weeks and have yet to hear back from anyone. So I think we're going to just try and find a local hospital to donate it to. 

When we get the CuddleCot, that is.

Originally, we were told we would have the CuddleCot by October 15th, which obviously did not happen. I had to keep reaching out to the nonprofit to see where we were at in the process, and I felt like it just kept getting pushed back. Every time I talked to the lady, their timeline was pushed out. She finally confirmed our shipping address on November 9th, so I thought we would get the cot very soon, but then I got another message from her on Tuesday. We had ordered the second cot the day after Carter's birthday, so this new message from her said she was going to wait and see if she could ship both of the cots together, to save on the cost of shipping. I was really frustrated. We have already been waiting over a month for this cot to get here, there was no way I was going to agree to waiting for the second cot. But apparently the manufacturer and this nonprofit have had a falling out, so the nonprofit wouldn't even be able to supply the second CuddleCot for us anymore. She asked if we wanted a refund, or if we would like her to use the money and place an order through a different nonprofit that would honor the price we paid, but we opted for a refund. I reached out to the manufacturer that day and they sent me an invoice less than twelve hours later, saying the cot could be here in 5-7 business days. So now we're just waiting on the refund from the non-profit.

I'm so frustrated, because I feel like I'm starting to lose my enthusiasm for this project. It started off so strong, and we were so excited to be able to donate the cot to Riverton, but between their miscommunication (which is fine, I get it) and Logan Hospital not calling me back, I'm kind of just ready to go dump it at the doors of some hospital and hope they actually want it. And that makes me really sad, because we were so excited about this in the beginning, and we raised the money so quickly, I just hoped that everything else would go smoothly. Don't get me wrong, I'm still so happy we were able to do this, but I wish we could have donated the cot sooner. When I spoke to the labor and delivery manager at Riverton a few days after Carter's birthday, she said they'd had two demises in the last week. I really wish we could have given more time to those families.

Anyway. Thanks for reading my feelings. I have a lot of them, apparently haha. Hopefully we will get the cot in soon, and we can give it to a hospital that needs it!