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The Saturday after Carter's birthday, we spent a quick (very quick) 24 hours in California. We flew out of Salt Lake at 6:30 that morning, landed at 7:20 in Long Beach, and were at Disneyland and in the park by the time they opened at 8:00. I was still a little sick, so we almost weren't sure if we were going to go, but I am so glad we did!! The first thing we rode was Haunted Mansion, since it was closed when we were there in September. Neither of us had ever been to the park during Halloween, so it was super fun to see Haunted Mansion all redone as Nightmare Before Christmas! We took it as easy as we were able to, but you know how it goes. Once you get to Disney, you are just so excited and want to do everything! We spent five hours in Disneyland before hopping over to California Adventure, hung out in Radiator Screams (so cute!) and did all the other fun things on that side. We played carnival games on the boardwalk, and actually won at all but one of them! We got four stuffed animals for the babies, and the pride of knowing we could beat little kids at games haha.

We hopped back and forth a couple more times that night so that we could see both parks at night, and made sure that we did everything we wanted to do. It started to get really busy around 8:00, so the last couple hours of our night were spent just soaking up the magic. We left at 10:00, just after the fireworks, even though we could have stayed for another two hours! But we spent a total of fourteen hours at the park, and felt really good about it! And I got a pair of Rose Gold Minnie Ears. So it was definitely a good day.

Our flight departed at 7:20 Sunday morning, literally 24 hours after we had landed the day before. It was a quick trip, but it didn't seem to go by too fast. We had a ton of fun, and loved being able to visit Mickey at the end of a hard week.