Honestly, sometimes I just don't know what to title my posts. I have had the hiccups like ten times in the past week and it's driving me crazy!!! One day last week I had them four times in one day. I was afraid I'd be one of those headline stories: "Girl has hiccups for fifteen years straight, doctors can't find cure." The worst.

Anyway, we're almost a third of the way through January, and this winter is shaping up to be better than I anticipated for our first winter back in Utah. Boise has gotten way more snow than we have, and have had four snow days! I can remember having like, one while I was in school. There was one the first year I worked in the school district there, but four?? It's so crazy. And even Logan had a snow day last week too, which for real never happens. It snowed Wednesday night here, but by late Thursday morning, everything on the roads had either turned to slush or was gone. And one of those days last week, I think Friday, gave us the bluest skies we have seen in a while. It was nice.

I had two jobs interviews last week: one in the district office for the school district I worked in before we lost Carter, and one at an eye center just five minutes away from us. I didn't feel great about my interview with the district, so I came home feeling kind of disappointed. The interview at the eye center went swimmingly, despite the fact that they had my old resume instead of my current one. Their application portal is one that uses your resume to build your profile, so when I clicked apply, it just had me update my work history, not my resume, and I guess they just printed that off. I felt so dumb, but I played it cool, and they didn't just say oh, well never mind you can go. At one point, we started talking about movies, because they asked what I liked to do for fun. The lady that was interviewing me said she had taken her daughters to see Sing, and I told her I loved it.

And then I said this: "The part where the yak keeps farting? I kept laughing so hard. My husband just turned to me and said 'you are a child.' But fart jokes are funny!"

I literally said "fart jokes are funny" during an interview. There are more embarrassing things I probably could have said, but I figured my shot at the job went out the window at that point. But the next day they called me and scheduled a second interview, so I guess it wasn't too bad! The interview was set for Wednesday, but I got a call from the school district today and was offered the job!! I start on Wednesday, and am super ready to get back at it. The director of the department said that he was very impressed with me, and that my references had great things to say about me (references, if you're reading this, thank you!). I was kind of worried what he would say when I asked about flexibility for appointments (he already knew we lost Carter, even though it thankfully didn't come up in the interview) and he was so kind about it. That alone will make the job great. I'm very excited about it!

The same day as my interviews, I went to lunch with the nurse that helped deliver Carter. Sometimes you meet people and have an instant connection, and that's how it was with her. We'll always have a special bond because of Carter, but we are real friends now too! I'm so awkward sometimes that I am just terrible at making friends, but lunch just felt really natural, and I can't wait to hang out with her again.

That's about all that is new. We have really been enjoying our weekends at home together. Over New Years we built a bench for our entryway, and hung up stuff around the house. When we bought a dresser for the nursery, part of it was kind of dinged up, so they sent us a new top and we got to keep the old one. The old top is the seat of the bench, so it's kind of neat! But it has been super nice just to relax and be home; not having a job has gotten me super attached to our house haha. It's crazy to think that exactly a year ago today we put the offer in. We have lived in this house longer than we lived in our last one!

Ps...the title picture? For anyone that has given me a blanket in the last few months, just know that that cats and I are enjoying them!