New York: Day 2.

Our second day in New York was sort of spontaneous, but not as busy as the day before. After we went back to our hotel the night before, we decided that a bus tour would be a great way to see more of New York in a shorter amount of time. So we bought tickets, and the next morning, headed to catch the bus at a decently early time. 

Our hotel is just three blocks from the Met, one of the many places the bus stops, so we walked there, took the obligatory Gossip Girl on the steps of the Met picture, then got on the bus for the next few hours. The first bus we were on was a bus that toured the uptown area, so we saw more of Central Park, and just a bit more of the Upper East Side before the bus headed back to Times Square to it's first stop. We thought we were going to have to transfer busses in order to take the downtown tour, but there was so much traffic and nowhere for the bus to park, so the driver just kept going through the downtown loop! It was nice we didn't have to get off and switch. On the downtown loop, we saw Times Square, Madison Square Garden, Korea Town, Battery Park, the Financial District, SoHo, NoHo, Greenwich Village...basically, you name it, we saw it. It was a really good way to see everything! Honestly, I kept expecting each area to look different than the last, but most of the neighborhoods looked the same to me. The buildings all looked the same, with lots of stores and restaurants, so we wondered what exactly made each area different. Our tour guide kept pointing out where celebrities lived, so mostly we were wondering what made them choose one area over another.

We got our answer a little later, after we got off the bus back in Times Square and had some New York style pizza for lunch. When we went back to go catch the uptown bus so we could finish our tour, our tour guide from earlier was waiting in line to get on the next bus as a guide. We asked him our question about the neighborhoods, and his answer was basically, if you lived there, you'd be able to tell a difference, but pretty much the level of snootiness is what makes the neighborhoods different. So that was interesting.

We finished the uptown tour around 6:00 that evening, then walked back to the hotel to try and figure out what to do next. I think we both were still recovering from the week in DC, so we kind of just laid on the bed for a while trying to decide what to do for dinner, until finally around seven we decided to just go get Subway and bring it back to the hotel and watch The Bachelorette. I felt bad, wanting to just stay in for the night, but I was wiped out. We had hit it so hard in DC that I think it finally caught up to my five months pregnant self, and all I wanted to do was lay down for a few hours and not have to move. So that's what we did. Subway for dinner, and a treat from Dunkin Donuts for dessert, and I was asleep before the final rose ceremony. The show was on from 8-10, if that makes it any better...