Last week was my first official week of summer break, and I couldn't have asked to spend it any differently! Brandon and I had planned to go to London but decided that, since we still have a big vacation coming up, we would be better off saving the money for baby, and going to London next summer. He still had the week off, and we definitely made the most of it!

Monday was cold and rainy, so we did some chores, ran errands, and bought bikes! We had been wanting to buy bikes since we moved into our last house, and finally had the time to do it. Tuesday morning we got up early and went to hike Donut Falls. On our way there, though, my low tire pressure light came on!! So we had to stop and get it patched really quick (downside of living in a neighborhood under construction I guess. Stupid nails.) but then we were on our way! It was a beautiful hike, and I loved that it was tucked so far back into the canyon. It was nice to get away from all the noise. That afternoon we went to the pool, and then got our first sno cones of the summer! That night we went and saw Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping with some friends. Think Justin Bieber's Never Say Never, but inappropriate and slightly offensive. It was hilarious though!

Wednesday we got up and went hiking again, this time to The Living Room, which reminded us a lot of Table Rock in Boise. Moderate hike, but definitely worth the view of the valley. We came home and tried to relax that afternoon, but neither of us are good at relaxing, so we went and registered for baby stuff instead haha. Talk about overwhelming!! There are so many things that a baby needs, and so many different brands and styles for each the heck are we supposed to know what the baby will like?! We were there for about two hours, and finally I just decided we could do the rest online. I figured we'd be back the next day after our appointment anyway.

Thursday morning we had another appointment, and got to see the baby again, which is always so fun! I felt really light headed and sick that morning, which we decided was probably from all our activity the days before, so that afternoon we just hung out at home and took it easy...until Brandon got bored and decided he wanted to go look at cribs haha. So we went back to the baby store and picked out a dresser and crib! It's honestly so hard to not just buy everything now! Friday we rode our bikes (finally) and then went to the pool again. We had tickets to see Finding Dory that night, so we had deemed it our date night (even though the entire week was like a huge long date) and therefore had to round the day off with Costa, obviously.

Saturday was such a good day! We got up early and drove to Logan to spend the day with family. First we stopped at Campsaver so Brandon could pick up the diaper bag he has had his eye on, then we went to his brother's house and hung out for a bit before going to lunch. After lunch with everyone, we went on a motorcycle ride up Smithfield Canyon. We used to go on rides all the time, but man my bum was sore after. We stopped and got sno cones though, so that made it better. Then we went to Summerfest and walked around ogling all the expensive things, and even saw a few people we knew. We ate at Morty's for dinner, which turns out actually has a fantastic view of Logan (and also great food) and then got some Aggie Ice Cream before Brandon and I hit the road to come home.

Yesterday was like a vacation from our vacation: a much needed day of doing nothing but lounging. We did buy some little blinds for our doors, but that was the extent of our productivity. I took a nap, we watched some tv, and got Costa again so we wouldn't have to cook. It was such a great week! It was super nice to have tons of time with Brandon before our summer gets crazy.