Second lunch.

I think I've stated it before, but pregnancy is the weirdest thing. After we came out of the first trimester, I felt pretty good for a few weeks. To the point that sometimes I actually forgot I was pregnant, which makes me sound like a terrible pregnant lady, but it was actually kind of nice to not feel bloated or sick all the time. After I got back from Seattle, my little bump popped a bit. Apparently no one else can tell a difference (still), but I definitely can. I actually feel pregnant, which is just strange. I don't feel bloated or anything, but I can feel this new weight/pressure right around and below my belly button. It's super weird.

Something else that's new is the fact that I am hungry all the time. From weeks seven to twelve I ate a lot to keep myself from being sick, then I stopped being hungry for about five weeks, and now all of a sudden I am starving every single second of the day. Yesterday and today I had two lunches! They are small, but still! Two lunches seems like so much! But if it's what the baby wants, then the baby shall have it. We used to make smoothies every morning to take to work with us (see post here) but we had them every day for three weeks and I think they kind of got old. I guess I'll just have to figure out something else to keep me full!

This weekend we are headed to the happiest place on earth, and also the most magical place on earth (in my opinion)! We will spend tomorrow at Disneyland, and Sunday at Universal Studios seeing the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, California style. We are super stoked, but not super stoked about the long drive! 

We'll be posting the gender reveal sometime tomorrow (because it's only appropriate that we do it Disney style), so get ready!!