A grand adventure.

We are only four hours into the day, and already it has been an exciting morning! Today marks thirteen weeks into our pregnancy, and we were finally able to break the news over social media. Family and a few of our closest friends have known for a few weeks now, but it feels great to not have it be this huge secret anymore! I honestly am so overwhelmed with the love I feel pouring in through Facebook, Instagram, and texts. I know how much Brandon and I love the babe already, but to know that there are all these other people that are just as excited and ready to love him/her as we are, it really just makes my heart so full.

Baby is due November 2nd, and I'm really hoping that he/she sticks to that date. I don't love the idea of being pregnant for longer than forty weeks, and I'm not even that pregnant right now! All I know is that I'm looking forward to getting my energy back during the second trimester, and also loving the fact that my second trimester falls over the summer months so I will be able to able to enjoy the warmth!

I am excited to share this journey with you! I'm not the type of person to post weekly updates and bump pictures, but I do know that a lot of new things will be happening over the next few months and after baby is born, and I'm looking forward to sharing these new home and life changes with you. Not much will be happening in the baby portion of the blog until we find out the gender in early June, but stay tuned!