Roughly 38 weeks.

I think I'm going to be pregnant forever. Baby boy seems pretty comfortable in there, and it just wouldn't be my life if for some random reason I just looked like this forever, even after he's born. I just will forever have a basketball under my shirt, and no clothes will ever fit me well every again. I can't believe we have just two weeks left (hopefully) until the big day. We asked the doctor for an estimate on his weight, and he guessed just under six pounds. If he's accurate, and if the little guy comes when he's supposed to, we're going to have just under a seven pound babe on our hands!

I was really hoping he would have been born over the weekend, to make selling our Chris Young tickets worth it. We went to the doctor on Friday and got told that I was no more dilated than Brandon was, and we still don't have the baby, so I'm pretty bummed that we sold our tickets. No Cassadee Pope, no Dan + Shay, and no baby. Luckily, we had a really fun and productive weekend to make up for it. Friday night I went and got dinner and a pedicure with friends. Saturday, we went to the corn maze, picked out pumpkins, and made caramel apple slices! We spent Sunday morning cleaning and getting the house in tip-top shape, then went and watched Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince in Imax that afternoon. And that night we bought curtains for our living room. We were both wanting to do that before the baby came, so it's nice to have it done; they make the room feel cozier and ready for winter!

Brandon is home sick today, and I wish I was there with him. Especially since I found out yesterday that my district doesn't pay out unused sick days; I'll be losing out on four :(  but it's okay! People are still finding out that I'm not coming back after the baby, and next week is my last week, so it's good for me to be here. Probably. I guess. Thankfully, tomorrow is a short day, then we don't have school Thursday or Friday for fall break! I'm looking forward to some much needed time off.